Best of Holiday Candles

A critical component in transforming your home into holiday heaven is the scent of it. Obviously, your tree is going to do the heavy lifting in this department. Retail does an exceptional job of bringing to you all the possible supplemental scents. There is a wide range of sizes and packaging to explore and discover. My job is to smell the heck out of them and help you filter through the off-putting ones and purchase the prized ones. Worth noting, my preference is for clean singular scents. The combination candle is too much for me to handle in this sensory overload of a season. I also don’t want a candle that is going to take over my coffee table. It should be discreet; hard to put your finger on where the subtle scent is coming from, like perfume but for your home.

Fraiser Fir is my favorite of all Christmas candles. It is a clean but potent Christmas tree. It is well packaged for hostess gifts and comes in a variety of sizes and prices. Buy all of them. Give all of them. The soap is great in a powder room too.

I wasn’t expecting to find a new favorite Winter Candle. I was in a terrible mood last week. Very much thinking who can be bothered with Christmas. In retrospect, it was alarming; I have never had that sentiment before. Feeling like this needed to be addressed urgently, we drove out of town to a very inconvenient store that I was fairly certain would snap me out of this. Thankfully, it did instantly. It wasn’t obvious what exactly broke the spell. It could have been the onion glass ornaments or the grouchy cat sleeping on a box of gift wrap. I was ostensibly shopping for others but ended up picking up some very silly and sparkly napkin rings. I also started smelling every candle I passed. I loved the vessel of the No 12 Hobnail in Nutmeg by Simpatico. It wasn’t ostentatious as some candles lean this time of year. The smell is exceptional. I love a sweet smelling candle that isn’t over powering or cheap, it is a very authentic feeling of what just got grated over your eggnog.

Nutmeg #12 Hobnail Candle

Ginger is my favorite Winter Spa scent. It is a clean spicy. This has a grounding scent of vanilla that mellows out the spice. It is such a great bathroom candle that will be lovely to use through Spring.

Ginger and Vanilla Candle