I would like everyone to reconsider the underappreciated Carnation.  They have been considered filler flower and frequently painted absurd colors for holidays, which is unfortunate.  When given the opportunity, they are so delicate and pretty, and deserve a place at the table.

In case you weren’t aware: carnations are the birth flower for January and the state flower of Ohio.  They are relatively inexpensive and easier to find in many grocery stores.  Their cut flowers last long and make for a very sweet, charming arrangement. 

Carnations, scientifically known as Dianthus caryophyllus, are native to the Mediterranean region but are easy to cultivate in a range of climates. Grown typically as annuals, they can be perennials in warmer climates and propagate from seed, cuttings or dividing.

Here are a few fetching varieties that I have found at the store that have really brightened up the gloomy months.