Thanksgiving Table

After many years of a muted table, the vibrant selection of shamrock hydrangea and calla lilies suggested a more celebratory scene. I was lucky to get some of the very coveted John Derian collection for Target; it’s cheerful block prints and fruit imagery paired well with my gilded pears and sparkling pine cones.  I added […]

Christmas Dinner Ideas

We don’t have a “traditional” dinner for Christmas. One year we had prime rib for Thanksgiving and turkey for Christmas. I am not a big red meat person. Honestly, all I ever want to eat is a baked potato or eat an entire bowl of olives.  This is our favorite recipe for Beef Tenderloin. Don’t […]

Holiday Cocktails

What’s December without some cocktails.  Here are some ideas to help keep everybody “happy”. Silver Fizz Who doesn’t want a gin milkshake on Christmas morning?  This Silver Fizz recipe was passed down from husband’s grandfather.  It’s not the traditional way of going about a fizz.  You could use real lemons, and sugar.  But concentrate and […]

Food for Gifting

Ottolenghi’s Rosemary Orange Cake Egg Nog Cake Norwegian Apple Cake

Soup Season

For soup I prefer my own stock to store bought and you will too. I started with my two favorites, Martha and Ina, and the result is a hybrid of their methods. But what actually goes in varies based on what veggies I have to contribute. My preference is for half an onion, a clove […]