Rhubarb, with its striking red stalks and tart flavor, is a beloved springtime treat in many culinary traditions. Its versatility in desserts, jams, and even savory dishes has earned it a cherished place in gardens around the world. Cultivating rhubarb is not only rewarding but relatively straightforward, making it an excellent choice for both novice […]

Chicken Pot Pie

When looking for a recipe delicious and comforting, I always start with Ina Garten.  The elegant ramekins make it an excellent dish to serve to guests or freeze for later meals. I lightened up where it wouldn’t be too noticeable.  

Tuna Tartine

My lightened up version of the tuna melt.  I love well engineered tartine with a salad during the summer.

Summer Squash Casserole

A great way to use up the extra zucchini of summer.  Fun to serve for guests.  Greek yogurt adds richness without added points.   Adapted from my favorite, Garden and Gun’s The Southern Cookbook.  

Zero Point Pizza Sauce

Turns out that most homemade pizza sauces are zero WW points.  Simplicity is best. This recipe is adapted from a favorite (now closed) Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, Franny’s. 

Chicken Soup

It is a basic recipe that we all need to have in our rotation.  Elevate it with having only the best ingredients.  Roast your own chicken.  Make your own broth.  Of course, when needed, shortcuts like Costco’s epic rotisserie will work too.   

Full of Beans

Beans Beans Beans National Geographic journalist Dan Buettner has written a series of books about what he has termed, the Blue Zones (which are super interesting BTW, as is his Instagram account @danbuettner).  The Blue Zones are longevity hotspots all over the globe where people routinely live to be over 100 years old.  Dan traveled […]

Christmas Dinner Ideas

We don’t have a “traditional” dinner for Christmas. One year we had prime rib for Thanksgiving and turkey for Christmas. I am not a big red meat person. Honestly, all I ever want to eat is a baked potato or eat an entire bowl of olives.  This is our favorite recipe for Beef Tenderloin. Don’t […]

Holiday Cocktails

What’s December without some cocktails.  Here are some ideas to help keep everybody “happy”. Silver Fizz Who doesn’t want a gin milkshake on Christmas morning?  This Silver Fizz recipe was passed down from husband’s grandfather.  It’s not the traditional way of going about a fizz.  You could use real lemons, and sugar.  But concentrate and […]

Food for Gifting

Ottolenghi’s Rosemary Orange Cake Egg Nog Cake Norwegian Apple Cake