Leavenworth When I moved to the Pacific Northwest, I was encouraged to travel to Leavenworth, Washington, which is in the Cascade Mountains of Northeast Washington.  It’s a drive,  two and a half from Seattle, and approximately a five and a half hour drive from Portland Oregon, which is about four hours more than I would […]


The bare minimum in holiday decoration is greenery. Before you get out the velvet bows, dehydrate the oranges or even start to untangle the twinkly lights, there should be wreaths and there should be garland. This topic can lean controversial because there are the types of people, which I am decidedly not, who become concerned […]

Christmas Dinner Ideas

We don’t have a “traditional” dinner for Christmas. One year we had prime rib for Thanksgiving and turkey for Christmas. I am not a big red meat person. Honestly, all I ever want to eat is a baked potato or eat an entire bowl of olives.  This is our favorite recipe for Beef Tenderloin. Don’t […]

Food for Gifting

Ottolenghi’s Rosemary Orange Cake Egg Nog Cake Norwegian Apple Cake

Best Holiday Chocolates

I come from a long line of chocolate aficionados. I am proud of this aspect of my DNA. We have always maintained at the very least, you should have a box of See’s nuts and chews for yourself and to share with guests this time of year. I wouldn’t say that See’s is the gold […]

Paper Whites

Forcing Paper white and amaryllis bulbs for the holidays

Best of Holiday Candles

A critical component in transforming your home into holiday heaven is the scent of a candle.