Apple Pie Manhattan

You’re probably not thinking about putting pie in a cocktail, but you should be. My favorite fall and winter cocktail is the Manhattan.  I like it up, with rye and some extra cherries, and an extra scoop of that delicious sauce they’re in.  What if that delicate spoonful of Amarena Cherries was swapped with some […]

Thanksgiving Table

After many years of a muted table, the vibrant selection of shamrock hydrangea and calla lilies suggested a more celebratory scene. I was lucky to get some of the very coveted John Derian collection for Target; it’s cheerful block prints and fruit imagery paired well with my gilded pears and sparkling pine cones.  I added […]


I would like everyone to reconsider the underappreciated Carnation.  They have been considered filler flower and frequently painted absurd colors for holidays, which is unfortunate.  When given the opportunity, they are so delicate and pretty, and deserve a place at the table. In case you weren’t aware: carnations are the birth flower for January and […]

Back Yard Birds

American Goldfinch by @megan.s.bonham The last few years have been an emotional roller coaster for me from a climate perspective and I’m sure the wild animals of the PNW feel the same.  We have had fires, heat domes and ice storms.  While I sat inside drinking Manhattans and shopping for doomsday kits, I also wondered […]


The bare minimum in holiday decoration is greenery. Before you get out the velvet bows, dehydrate the oranges or even start to untangle the twinkly lights, there should be wreaths and there should be garland. This topic can lean controversial because there are the types of people, which I am decidedly not, who become concerned […]

Holiday Cocktails

What’s December without some cocktails.  Here are some ideas to help keep everybody “happy”. Silver Fizz Who doesn’t want a gin milkshake on Christmas morning?  This Silver Fizz recipe was passed down from husband’s grandfather.  It’s not the traditional way of going about a fizz.  You could use real lemons, and sugar.  But concentrate and […]

Food for Gifting

Ottolenghi’s Rosemary Orange Cake Egg Nog Cake Norwegian Apple Cake

Soup Season

For soup I prefer my own stock to store bought and you will too. I started with my two favorites, Martha and Ina, and the result is a hybrid of their methods. But what actually goes in varies based on what veggies I have to contribute. My preference is for half an onion, a clove […]