The bare minimum in holiday decoration is greenery. Before you get out the velvet bows, dehydrate the oranges or even start to untangle the twinkly lights, there should be wreaths and there should be garland.

This topic can lean controversial because there are the types of people, which I am decidedly not, who become concerned with the mess of leaves and needles. There are artificial options that relieve you of this. Embrace them, they are sold everywhere. I purchase the real. As you know, I am of the belief, the earlier the better. This can be an issue with how long the real greenery lasts. Luckily, my trees have been happy until January. I honestly think that they are all cut at the same time, maybe as early as in October! So the sooner you buy it and get it in water the better.

As for the garland, there is only so much you can do. Someone told me a good soak in the tub extends the life. I have also heard that there are sprays that help as well. I have yet to find evidence of this. All I can say is enjoy them while they last and then discard in the most thoughtful way. Christmas comes and goes in a blink, so make that brief moment as glorious as you can.