Holiday Cocktails

What’s December without some cocktails.  Here are some ideas to help keep everybody “happy”.

Silver Fizz

Who doesn’t want a gin milkshake on Christmas morning?  This Silver Fizz recipe was passed down from husband’s grandfather.  It’s not the traditional way of going about a fizz.  You could use real lemons, and sugar.  But concentrate and 7 up and ice cream are way more fun.

Gin 1 ½ oz. per person
Frozen lemonade 1/3 of large can
Vanilla ice cream 4-6 scoops
7 Up

Put all ingredients in blender except 7 Up. Fill with ice, add 7 Up to an inch from top.

But we don’t use very much if any ice at all, and may use more Gin.

My favorite, the Manhattan, this recipe is for a crowd.

A wintertime Negroni is called a Boulevardier! It has bourbon instead of gin.

Espresso Martini.  Easy does it. Two things to over do with this one.